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Hexagon socket pipe plugs, conical thread

Metric fine thread, Whitworth pipe thread

Norm DIN 906
Name Hexagon socket pipe plugs, conical thread
Form Conical (according to norm) and cylindrical
Material/Grade Steel (St), A2, A4, Brass
Finishing phosphated, zinc plated
Diameter M6x1, M8x0,75, M8x1, M8x1,25, M10x1, M12x1, M12x1,5, M14x1,5, M16x1,5, M18x1,5, M20x1,5, M22x1,5, M24x1,5, M26x1,5, M27x1,5, M27x2, M30x2, M33x1,5, M33x2, M36x1,5, M36x2, M38x1,5, M42x1,5, M42x2, M45x1,5, M48x1,5, M48x2, M52x1,5, M52x2, M56x2, M60x2, R 1/8, R 1/4, R 3/8, R 1/2, R 5/8, R 3/4, R1, R1 1/4, R1 1/2, R2
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