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Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Thiel, Horst Blanchebarbe, Carsten Kindler

Albert Pasvahl (GmbH & Co.)
Oehleckerring 23
22419 Hamburg



+49 [0] 40-53 28 52 - 0
+49 [0] 40-53 28 52 - 52

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HRA 39 146
Amtsgericht Hamburg
DE 118 997 118

Responsible for contents:
The contents of this website are the responsibility of Albert Pasvahl (GmbH & Co.). We disassociate from any contents of pages reached via links on this website.

Copyright, liability:
The layout of the website, graphics used and contributions are copyrighted. Pages may be duplicated for private use only, modifications and the distribution or public rendering of duplications prohibited. Individual articles are also copyrighted. We assume no liability for any damages resulting from the use of information accessed. The contents of websites linked from our website are the sole responsibility of their owners. In its judgement dated 12 May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - “Liability for Links” the District court Hamburg ruled by inserting a hyperlink, owners of a website are also responsible for the contents of a linked webpage. Any joint responsibility can only be prevented through express dissociation from the linked contents.

Safety notices on sending email:
Considering the known risks, sensitive information should not be transmitted via email.

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