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Albert Pasvahl Spezialschrauben means competence, consistency and, most importantly, quality. Pasvahl has been offering customers standardised speciality screws and accessories for more than 80 years. In addition to production, services also include warehousing, so that Pasvahl is now one of the leading stock keepers of standardised custom and speciality screws. This is not the only reason why our clientele includes a number of wholesale houses from Germany, Scandinavia and other European countries.

As flexible as the market

Based on its long-standing market presence, Pasvahl has an outstanding reputation and offers continuous assurance of orders for our specialised stock assortment. This allows for items with average demands typically requiring turned part production, to be dispatched in quantities for economic cold formed parts production. At the same time, the large order sizes and careful dispatching ensure high delivery reliability. Thus, our customers have access to speciality parts without stock keeping and capital commitment.

Optimised pricing structure

Our customers also benefit from the thrifty pricing structure based on the production sites aligned with our products. Thus, custom production is planned into the production processes, resulting in comparatively significantly less additional expenditure.

A marketing concept which has been ensuring a powerful buying source for custom- and specification parts for our customers, and a solid market position for us for many years.